Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why I love my job

I'll admit it. Youths can be annoying. Sometimes these kids seem to have blinders on and are completely unable to notice anything around them.  This job is hard. I'm tired. I work almost 24/7. It's high energy, high demand, and lots of work. But even on my crappiest days (like today), I wouldn't trade this job for anything.

1. My ladies made me a paper crane telling me how awesome I am...
2. I have a BEAUTIFUL character sketch that one of the boys from my Playwriting activity drew...
3. My girls and the boys hall they were paired with christened our CTY Olympics team "Awesome on a Boat" and made a large paper boat with people on it... It's legit.
4. I get to discuss politics with a 13 year old boy who knows more than most college students I've talked to.
5. Once a week, I circle up with my fellow RAs in the middle of a student formed circle and sing, dance, jump, scream, and laugh along to American Pie.
6. Disney Movie Appreciation is a popular activity.
7. My ladies sing along to Backstreet Boys with me...

I could go on.  Sometimes, I just want my girls to listen and process what I say.  Often times, they miss something.  But they are the ones who make me want to wake up and plan some awesome activity... Like going to the Baltimore Museum of Art... 

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