Monday, June 1, 2009

Mischief Abounds

10:45pm: Knock on door. In Smalltown, USA, who in the heck knocks on a door at 10:45? Nell contemplates picking up a butcher's knife only to realize, this is Redneck Texas, what would the point in that be? Door knocker hits door bell. Why thank you. Nevermind the fact that the little big one has finally gone to bed. Yes, please wake him up.
10:50pm: Nell hears part of conversation, neighbor woman: "Well I'll be, it was rainin' in our backyerd and not the front. Strangest thing. Doesn't that just beat all?" Excuse me Aunt Bea, here in even here in Mayberry isn't a bit un-neighborly to knock on a door at 10:45pm? Nell walks away
11:00pm: Mom and Dad have gone outside and continue conversing with neighbors. What could possibly be important. Nell stands by door to hear more of conversation. Neighbor man: "An' these two kids done come paint ballin' ma house. And I know it ain't much but for ------- grand, it's ma house. So I says to them not to mess with ma house and I go back in and get a potato shooter. That's raght, a po-tat-o shooter. *wife interjects: It's awfully loud!* And I pick up 2 dozen eggs and head back out and thur's a truck settin' there and some man asks if I seen two kids. And I says no but ask if he's thier daddy, cause if he is I may just launch a few eggs at that purty truck..."
Nell leaves conversation to report incident in her blog.

Over and out.

***** THIS JUST IN: Neighbor man can shoot a potato with the aforementioned potato shooter two blocks. (His point of reference was hitting the court house from his house...)*****

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  1. that's so reminds me of home. i'm laughing real hard right now.