Friday, June 26, 2009

Nell's Nomadic Life... (kinda long...)

So I realize that the point of a blog is to write about your day to day activities, but the only way one can do that is if they have the internet... Which I didn't for like 3 weeks. So here's a brief rundown of my life in the past three weeks:

Disclaimer: I am a part of the family that I pick on. I am proud to admit that not only am I a member of it, I do alot of the same things. haha. C'est la vie.  C'est ma vie. 

Week One:
Left Smalltown, USA for a couple days to stay at my sister's house.  Basically, it was chaos. I mean, my family is literally, a traveling circus anytime we leave anywhere for any period of time.  

Recipe for Travel:
Start in the morning --> stop to get the oil changed (on a roadtrip??)--> continue to destination --> Get new phones in SA  --> Deal with hungry brother --> feed hungry brother --> Continue to destination --> arrive at like 7 pm. Ridic. 

Stayed with Katy (my sister) and her husband Brock and my niece Lily (MOST ADORABLE GIRL EVER).Went to Joel and Emily's BEAUTIFUL wedding.  Honestly, the most gorgeous and romantic wedding I have ever been too.
Family Circus returned to Smalltown USA.

Week Two:
Pack up house in Smalltown USA to move to Castroville (20 minutes outside of SA for those of you who haven't memorized the location of every small town in Texas).  Deal with movers. Family Circus (this time plus two vehicles because one parent per car and an aunt and uncle in a over loaded green truck.  If you are picturing the Clampets for Beverly Hillbillies, you are not far off) begins perilous journey to new location (finally left the old house at 5:30 for a THREE HOUR DRIVE).  Trip includes: beautiful scenery and two men at a gas station wearing TOOOO tight t's driving a white truck with a small herd of GOATS in the back. Crazy.  Same gas station where uncle picks THE SKETCHIEST, MOST UNLIT portion of the parking lot to stop at.  Nell is left sitting in a Yaris hatchback holding her computer on full alert while the rest of the clowns go in. Finally got to new house at like 10:30. Slept on a piece of foam that was (no lies)3 feet long. Begin unpacking.

At this point, you're probably thinking, wow, that it a heck of alot of packing. But there's more

Week Three: Continue unpacking house. Go empty storage unit. Pack storage unit items in the closet. Contemplate packing for Baltimore. Put off packing for Baltimore. Finally pack for Baltimore. Yay for not overpacking Baltimore stuff!

3 AM: Wake up. 5 hours of sleep? maybe less? Grab breakfast, grab stuff.
4:10 AM: Leave house. MASSIVE PROPS to the fam for getting on the road a full 5 minutes ahead of schedule. Normally we're 15 late.
4:40: Get to airport
4:45: Begin security stuff. No officer, the blond, green eyed girl speaking with a Southern draw and wearing a college tshirt is, in fact, NOT a terrorist. Shocking.
5:05: Wait for plane.
6:00- 8:00: Fly to Memphis.
8:30- 11:45: Fly to Baltimore
11:45- 1:30: Wait for Lite rail, ride Lite Rail, get picked up
1:30 on: Basically set up and started meeting people, did some orientation stuff and CRASHED at 10:15. Glorious sleep haha.

This is getting long, so I will try and post tomorrow to talk about my dorm (or my garret as I have taken to calling it.) and everything up here. Good night!

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