Monday, June 1, 2009

The who, the what, the where, and the why.

Nell's answers to her most commonly asked questions:
*Where are you currently?
-Goldthwaite (pronounced Goathwait): goat capitol of Texas or something ridiculous like that.
Human population: 2,000. Goat Population: A bazillion and one.
Nearest Wal-Mart: 33 miles either direction.
True story. One time, I was sitting on my parent's back stoop (in the middle of town mind you) and I heard a cow mooing. A cow. Mooing. In the middle of town. There was A COW MOOING IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN.
Other sights include: a missing calf sign and a gun show advertised as FUN FOR
Also home to a County Museum that I have the sneaking suspicion is alot like the Twickham Museum in Stars Hollow of Gilmore Girls.... Fighting urge to explore it.

*Why are you there?
-My parent's live here. Oy vey. As of June 11th, they will move to ANOTHER small town, Castroville. Twice the population for half the number of goats. Does a body good.

*When and why are you going to Baltimore?
-June 25th. I get to be a Resident Assistant to "Talented Youth." Read: a bunch of super awesome smart allecks who are alot like me. yay!!!!!!! My hall theme is "Broadway" they're gonna love it. Cause I'm the cool 20-something RA! Downside: Middle school age drama. Plus the inevitable staff drama. Oh goody.

I think that's it. Post a question if ya have one...


  1. What are your thoughts on dinasours? Or how about the fact they are making a Toy Story 3?!? Please, Indulge me with your response :)

  2. haha. Oh EMedley. I have absolutely NO thoughts on dinosaurs. I just refuse to think about them unless I am being chased by one. Which, surprisingly, does not happen but every once in awhile. As for TS3. I am suspicious. That is simply all I can say on the matter as there is no info on it! I do believe they should have left it at TS2 but, the money maker is always churning. Does that answer your questions?